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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Which grades have to wear P.E. uniforms?

Boys and girls in grades 6-8 wear P.E. uniforms.

My child has a food allergy. How do you handle this?

It is your responsibility to make sure your child has their proper medication and information on file with our school. We have peanut free zones in the lunch room and alert other parents in your child's class when there is a student with a particular allergy. We do what we can to accommodate your child and keep them safe, but we cannot make a guarantee that your child will never come into contact with an allergen.

What is the delay/cancellation policy?

We call our own delays and cancellations. We do not operate off of other school systems or a specific high school's call. You may sign up for text caster alerts with the local news stations, sign up for our school's text alert system, watch/listen to local news or visit our website's homepage to find out if there is a delay or cancellation. We do our best to make the appropriate call bearing in mind the ultimate safety of our students and staff.

Do you have after school child care?

We do not have after-care on site, but we do have a partnership with a number of facilities in the area. The following is a list of after care services that pick students up from Saint Elizabeth's and transport them to their facilities: Jorgensen YMCA, Sonshine Christian Academy, Kids at Play, La Petite.

We are not Catholic. Can my child still attend Saint Elizabeth's?

Yes. Your child will still be required to attend Mass and retreats, complete the curriculum's religion classes, and turn in service hours. They will not be required to go through the sacraments. All students, Catholic or not, are expected to show reverence and proper behavior in our religious classes and services.

When and where do bussing shuttles operate?

Students can be bussed from St. Joseph School to Saint Elizabeth's before school and back to St. Joseph's after school. The morning shuttle departs promptly from St. Joseph's by 7:00am. The afternoon shuttle departs from Saint Elizabeth's at 3:05pm.

What is your average class size?

Each grade is capped at 60 students. There are 30 students per class in grades 1-8. Kindergarten offers three classes of 20 students each. Aides also help in classrooms offering assistance to both the teacher and students.

Do you offer foreign language instruction?

Yes. All grades receive Spanish instruction several times per week.